~ Age 32 ~
~ Honey blonde hair ~ Gray blue eyes ~
~ 5' 6" ~


Lady Marina Ackerman was typical of far too many women in England.  Her mother had died when the girl was in her teens, leaving her to the care of her father, Bramwell.  He saw his daughter as little more than a pawn in the game of politics and sought to use her to make gains for himself. 

Marriages were easily arranged and a pretty girl like Marina, with a wealthy father and a handsome dowry, was considered a prize.  Her father , however, proved to be not so good at making matches.  His first attempt ended after two years when the young man eloped with a chambermaid.  His second never happened due to the mother of the young man's dislike for Bramwell.  Finally, when he was certain he'd be saddled with his daughter forever, he made a match for her.  Since his son, Charles,  had run off with a girl below his station, he had dangled the prize of inheritance before Count Sebastian Howard, who was quite happy to take it.

The marriage was a loveless one,  with Sebastian at times cruel, and other times indifferent.  In time, she learned there were many women for he found it impossible to be with just one.  After two years he began to leave her alone.   She didn't mind, for she had the solace of the lovely gardens of the estate, letters from her brother, and  the company of an elderly woman named Alice Lacey.  She taught Marina the ancient ways in secret.  Ten years passed  and on a cold November day, not long after Alice's death, Marina learned she was a widow.  Sebastian had been found in the arms of another man's wife and had been called out to a duel in which he was killed.  The estate and everything he had owned except for Marina's personal property was to be sold to pay for his debts with the remainder of the money to be shared among his children.  Marina was alone again and penniless.

She took back her maiden name for the scandal involved and moved back in with her father.  Two years later, Bramwell Ackerman is trying to find a husband for his daughter though she has been using the time of mourning as an excuse.  That is coming to an end.  Weary of his controlling ways,  and worried about Charles, Marina thwarted Bramwell's plans and freed herself of his control for good. After helping Joseph McDonough to end the plot against her brother and against the King and Regent of Kildare, she remained at her brother's estate, helping him with his children and finding a new life.


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[Anita Briem is the actress used to show what  Marina would look like. No claims made of the photos used.  No play in IMs. Mun is older. Circa approximately 1600-1700 Fantasy based.]